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Conference to be held at.

Bone Student center,Illinois State University.

Conference Rooms.

Illinois State University.

Accomplished Teachers are...

rcommitted to students and their learning

Friday-Sunday, November 1-3 2013
Bone student Center

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About MCIES 

The College of Education, Department of Educational Administration and Foundation, School of Teaching and Learning at Illinois State University will be hosting the Midwest Regional Comparative International Education Society Conference at Illinois State University in the twin cities of Bloomington Normal. Illinois State University is renewing its commitment to realizing the democratic ideal of education from a global perspective. This conference will advance global education vision as articulated in the strategic planning document of Educating Illinois 2013-2018. “transformative experience at an institution that serves the region, state, nation, and world through its commitments to responsible stewardship, meaningful civic engagement, cultural enrichment, and the development of global citizens” 

Conference Theme

“Developing and Supporting Global Initiatives in Education”

Each educational institution thrives to engage faculty, staff, and students, community members in the exploration, discussion, and understanding of challenges and promises of teacher education from an international perspective. The theme is provided as a vehicle for all educators to discuss best practices and models of developing and sustaining partnerships for global initiatives. It is hoped that this theme promotes active and meaningful collaboration to achieve tangible outcomes of developing and supporting global initiatives in education across institutions within the Midwest region.

The objectives of this conference are:

  • To engage faculty, staff and students, as well as area residents, in the exploration, discussion and understanding of challenges and promises of teacher education, and educational leadership preparation from an international perspective
  • To engage faculty and administration in developing and sustaining partnerships for global initiatives
  • To motivate collaboration among institutions within Midwestern region and encourage rotation of hosting CIES Midwest Regional Conference;
  • To advance the vision of the Illinois of Illinois State University as articulated in the planning document of the University, 2013-2018;     
  • To provide a greater understanding of how regional, state and local educational issues (e.g., influx of Somali immigrant students from the war-torn country of Somalia in Ohio, Minnesota, Chicago, and influx of Latino immigrants to Illinois are connected to a broader global context (i.e. economic, social, educational and political issues in their countries); and
  • Realization of the conceptual and contextual framework of a globalized campus as articulated in the College of Education Five year plan 2013-2018.

Major topics

  • Teacher education from Global prospective (s);
  • Professional development, mentorship and inductions of teachers from Global Perspectives;
  • Leadership, management and  educational administration in a global society;
  • The promise and challenges in emerging technologies in global education;
  • Best practices in Study Aboard initiatives;
  • Collaborative/partnerships in global programs;
  • Social justice and equity issues in regional national and international education;
  • Demographic and language shifts in comparative education, policy and practice;
  • Comparative global special education issues;
  • Challenges of educating new immigrant students from Africa, Asia, South and Latin America; and
  • Others topics are welcome.
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